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As we all know the touch screen keyboard has a long history.  With the new ICS update the keyboard is totally redefined.  Everything changed from its look to the voice-to-type functionality.    But is it does it only stop there?

Well, it has said that there is a new technology under the hood which makes typing much more effective than before.   A developer who’s is with the official developer tech for the Android platform stated that there is a new technology that recognizes the way that the user types and uses it to more accurately resemble what the user originally intended to press.  Simply, the technology uses time and how the user releases his input.  For example, tap the “M” letter followed by the “D” letter without releasing the “M” letter, the phone will keep you pressed on both letters waiting on which one is released first and has an algorithm for choice.   This technology is similarly available with Apple’s iPhone.

It has been rumored that devices are starting to use the gyro sensor to detect quick movement when typing and using that moment to correct to the users intended input.   If this was true, the Android operating system would defiantly be ahead of the other mobile operating systems.

Overtime, voice-to-talk might even replace keyboards on phones such as the one featured in the official Ice Cream Sandwich keyboard.   With these technologies, writing keeps on getting faster and more effective on mobile phones.  But, we have to wait in order to find out.

You can download the keyboard free from the following link

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