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Android finally saw a loss in market share by 22% while a massive increase of 65% was observed in iOS. This is the time, when they launched 4S.  iPhone after its launch became the top selling smartphone by major telecom giants in US that includes Verizon, Sprint and AT & T.  People were excited to see the iPhone 5 but they compromised on 4S too. It was a robust kinda sale response. People who were holding their purchase in wait for iPhone 5.  Apple launches one version per year, I expect these figures to get back to Q3 2011 position.  Android will regain its market share. RIM with launch of new  operating system will improve. Microsoft & Symbian will see a decline in their market share. Watch out for Samsung which was considered underdog is now in direct competition with Apple. They have a wide range of products and they are playing it aggressively.  Just as a side note, Apple uses Samsung components too.

It would be interesting to compare these figures from time to time

My other post at last year gives a broader picture.  We should expect similar figures in the third quarter of the year..

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