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Buying Cheap airline ticket would be tricky. NEVER EVER buy ticket from official airline website. They are expensive. Better deal would be to talk to local traveling agents and get quotes. Direct flights are expensive. Transit flights are cheaper. Ask for options and pricing. There are 2-4 types of pricing in each category. Its a possibility that the person sitting next to you would have bought cheaper ticket than you or expensive and the difference is some time too much. More earlier the ticket you buy more chances of getting cheaper ticket are there. Some time last moment ticketing save you money too but its too riskier. Trends of ticket prices are different through out the year and is usually classified as the seasons. These trends are more or less over the years so you can do a small research and find out the cheapest time. Even flight in morning could be cheaper than in evening or evening could be cheaper than morning. This trend varies in every region. Holidays plays an important role in price hike. There are couple of website that offer pretty reasonable and competitive pricing is one among them . You can try using multiple dates and times. Even you can try next nearest airport to your arrival or destination. One good trick is to negotiate with different travel agents and get the best pricing. Also ask for cancellation and change policies. Some airlines offer pretty low cancellation and change so you can give them a shot in order to secure your seat before you look for any bargain. You need to ensure that the airport you are touching doesnot require a visa or you have a valid visa to do a transit. If you have longer transit stay, ask for lounge pass. They are mostly cool with giving it, so you can enjoy an excellent meal and stay. Mostly airports give an excellent transit experience. Good luck with your ticket hunt !

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