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Hand, What a useful addition to a creature including Homo sapiens which claim to be the most intelligent on earth !

Its among the most essential organs. From Fortune to work, it has lots of responsibilities. It is behind every one bad dead. We hear ” XYZ Hand”  behind it. Mind think, tongue speaks and hand gets the blame. Palmistry is the science which predicts your future is based on lines of hand. They claim that fortune lies in your hands but people without hand have a fortune too. You cant imagine living with it. What ever I am typing is because of it.

It has lots of  things to be observed it in. I would list couple of them

1)  To give , you have to be on top and if you are taking you have to get down. So bitter truth of life.

2) All the fingers are not equal. Quoted many times for many things

3) Every finger has its own rule. This is quiet interesting. Not all the fingers are same in dimensions but they all work together in unity. If you loose one, your efficiency will decrease prominently. They form together to hold water. Similarly, as shake spear said this world is Stage and we are actors who have to play their role on their time. Perfectly exhibited by the hand. Every finger plays its role on its time

4) Unique Finger prints indicates how we all in the world are different from each other

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