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admin On December - 23 - 2010

I wanted to create a self extractor file package. It was an alternative of zip so that you can build all the files in 1 package and extract them without use of any software like winzip

I installed the software

After installing software, Open it

Following screen will appear

Select Simple and uncheck “Use Wizard to Create Project” !

Following window will appear

Click on Add Files or Folder. Depends on your usage. I would suggest, you make a folder with desired name and put all your contents in it and then add it over here

Once its added

Click Build

It will take some time and you are done.  It will ask for a name, Give it a name.. your desired file would be in SetupFile folder.  This folder name starts with the name you chosen [ *.aip file ]  & is ready to use. You can use it , its exe file and you can run it on any computer [ Check Compatibility ]. You can uninstall it by clicking the .exe file !

Interesting :)

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