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admin On January - 8 - 2011

Following email is from a friend of mine. I would appreciate if you can contribute !

I will send you pictures of the event which you can show in your profile.. Plus credit would be given and your contact details would be with every picture


I am a fourth year student in the International Development and
Globalization program at the University of Ottawa (Canada).

I have been thinking, for quite long time, of creating an event in my
university, to inform people of what is going on around the world
regarding poverty, disease, human rights, etc. Therefore I thought I can
do an exhibition, or series of ones, of pictures taken in the
underdeveloped countries (Latin America, Africa or Asia) that will show
the reality in these countries. I truly think that a picture can deliver a
stronger message that sticks to people’s minds and it is a great way to
promote development.

The tentative title of the exhibition is “Eye on the Challenges of
Development”. There might be a slight change in it.

If I collect a satisfying number of pictures, I am planning on doing the
exhibition during the “International Culture and Development Week” at
University of Ottawa, in the beginning of February 2011. It is an annual
series of activities and events promoting International Development.

The specific topics that I am looking to exhibit during that particular
day are:

1-Food Security.
3-Violations of Human Rights.
5-Environmental Challenges (Disasters, Waste Management, Pollution and etc.).
6- Culture/ Global citizenship

Finally, Copyrights will be strictly respected in this exhibition.

I would like to collect as many pictures as possible to be able to
properly select the ones that best reflect the issues I am trying to
exhibit. Therefore, I would like to know if you are interested on helping
me collect pictures to promote development.

I would like to thank you for your consideration and I am looking forward
to hearing from you.

Please excuse my long email.

With regards,

Nadia Hadj Mohamed.

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  1. 2D says:

    Have a look at my photostream, let me know if like any. :)

  2. admin says:

    I have forwarded your link. I will reply back to you. Thanks very much !

  3. Ali says:

    You can also check out my photostream.

  4. Sounds good to me. Let me know if i can help with my contribution.


  5. admin says:

    @Ali And Khawar. Great work guys. I will email you in this week about the pictures.

  6. Nadia says:

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to thank you soooooo much for your consideration, and I have seen your pictures and they are amazing!!!! What a great work you did guys! I will try to select as much pictures as I can to promote the development, but also your work! If you have any suggestion please let me know, your opinion is important to me.

    I wish you good luck and please keep on taking pictures because you are doing a very beautiful art!



  7. deffury says:

    Heres my flickr Link:

    Feel free to choose any pic, as long as you post my name with it too

  8. you check check my stuff at and pickup whatever you like.

    Best of luck for the exhibition :)


    C and paste this link in your browser. This will take to you my extended gallery.

  10. Nadia says:

    Thank you for your answers !!!

  11. Nadia says:


    I have seen a lot of albums and here is what I slected so far,

    I have seen a lot of pictures from Fahad Bhatti, from this album and I selected them cause they fit into of of my main topics;

    I am also very interested by this picture from Riaz Saad Durrani (2D),

    Also the pictures from U(v)a|r,

    I have selected amazing pictures from Mohsin Khawar;, and Hassan Sarwar;

    I am still selecting pictures and they are all very amazing, so its hard, very hard actually to select and thanks to you I have many!!!!

    If you still interested by my project and are willing to help me, please email me at :, also if you have any questions please let me know.

    Finally, the event will take place the 31 of January and 1ft of February 2011 from 10 am to 4 pm.

    Thank you again for your consideration.



  12. Running a fan page on facebook with the title of Pakistan Photographers

    Recent Photography, you can browse the Albums


  13. Nadia says:

    hi everyone,

    I would like to have some updates from Riaz Saad Durrani (2D), and U(v)a|r regarding the pictures. Can I count you in ?

    Bilal Thank you for your consideration, I really appreciate it. I am will take a look at your pictures and I will update you soon.

    Best of luck!



    • 2D says:

      Riaz Saad Durrani here.
      Just received an email from Abdul Haseeb Awan mentioning that my photos have been selected. How should i help you? Which photos would you like to borrow for the competition? Let me know, it’d be nice to help you.

      Riaz Saad Durrani.

      P.S. Try to reply on my email address: riazsaad at gmail, im not a regular reader of this blog.

      • Nadia says:

        Hey Riaz Saad Durrani,

        Thank you soo much for your consideration, I really appreciate it!!!

        I will send you an email right now with the link of the pictures I would like to borrow from you.

        Again thank you!!


  14. admin says:

    I have dropped an email to 2d. Not sure about U(v)a|r
    I dont see this Id on the blog

  15. admin says:

    did i gave u this link ?

    • Nadia says:

      hahaha I think I got lost in the Flickr website and thought you gave me the link, but I think I found it myself :S … sorry my bad …

  16. admin says:

    Cool. I am excited for the exhibition. I have added it to my facebook event.

  17. Syed Ali says:

    Dear Haseeb,

    Please visit my photo stream and if you the pictures please let me know I have more pictures uploaded on FB. You can also visit my profile on FB email id is


  18. admin says:

    Ali, It just happened yesterday .

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