Persistent is very important in life. It does not means hitting your head against the wall, but following your gut, making a goal and then achieving it. Exactly an year ago, I posted a blog when I got rejected by Y-Combinator. One year later and we got in Idea changed, team changed and clientage changed  [ Read More ]

Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

April - 22 - 2013
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“When it comes to freestyle from the heart and soul, creating something no one has seen before and really trying to move people, that’s what I’m about”, said So You Think You Can Dance judge and dance pioneer Lil C after watching Hampton Williams perform his unique style of dance. “So when I see you  [ Read More ]

Best Rejection Email Ever

April - 18 - 2013
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I applied to YCombinator for my Startup in my final hours. I was locked out due to a Setting that restricts you to spend more than a specific time on the site. So I had less than an hour to fill in the application. I received email from them earlier than I expected but I loved the  [ Read More ]

Chkrootkit for VPS Security

March - 1 - 2013
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Hey, Just a quick tutorial on how to secure your VPS using Chkrootkit. There are plenty of guides available online but the only issue with them is the version.. They are written on a specific version. I was wondering why I was not able to install it so I am adding a quick tip Just  [ Read More ]

All new revolutionary iPhone 5

September - 13 - 2012
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iPhone 5 is out today and every one is so excited about it and why should not be. It has every thing that my Samsung phone have it from last few years… Apple, a company that has been percieved as very innovative company is doing few things new… Suing a company that is manufacturing their  [ Read More ]


Its never that easy to be the CEO !

Playbook OS 2.0

February - 27 - 2012
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Impact of OS 2.0 on Playbook Future

How to Sell Technology ?

February - 24 - 2012
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How to introduce your tech product ?


Launching a technology product with limited compatibility ?

Android Took A Dip

January - 13 - 2012
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Android finally saw a loss in market share by 22% while a massive increase of 65% was observed in iOS. This is the time, when they launched 4S.  iPhone after its launch became the top selling smartphone by major telecom giants in US that includes Verizon, Sprint and AT & T.  People were excited to  [ Read More ]